About Grace Coring


Grace Coring 

Do you know why we started Grace Coring? We weren't satisfied with not being confident about what was out there, what we had to work with beneath the surface. You know what we're talking about.

Grace Coring is a part of and operates under Grace Rural Pty Ltd that was founded by Tim Fragar in Australia, NSW in 1992. The development and implementation of our intact sampling method was sparked by a clearly identified need for swift, accurate and cost-effective investigation in service to the construction sector.

Key goals were to reduce costs, WHS and ENV risks, increase quality of statistical data and improve confidence. 

Our People

Tim Fragar has a background in Industrial Design and Engineering Innovation within the agricultural and civil sectors. Plenty of scope for innovation. In-situ stabilising also formed a significant part of the business past and was instrumental in motivating the development of our undisturbed sampling methodology.

All our staff are industry compliant, experienced site technicians, operators and engineers. We know that some things do matter, reliability, efficiency, accuracy and meeting obligations. Doing what's expected for the cost.