Improving what we understand as best available information

Local Council

We all know that if we keep doing what we did yesterday, nothing changes. We can build confidence in road asset data for Local Councils. We’ve achieved this by utilizing our pavement sampling methodology...See more

State Road Authorities

Bigger budgets and more at stake for State Road Authorities. Let's look at reducing some of the risks involved in existing processes and practices where it comes to pavement investigations. There are some real cost effective alternatives to current practices...See more

Asset Management

It's all about the numbers we're using and whether they're representative values. This is true for both state road authorities and councils road assets to ensure that management plan life cycle forecasts reflect the realities of their road networks...See more

Environmental Sampling

Keep it accurate, contained and uncontaminated. We've focused on the capture and retrieval of potentially contaminated samples at beneficial depths. Samples are intact, capped and sealed...See more