Railway Infrastructure

Railway Investigation

Grace Coring's pitch has always been about improving what we all understand as being best available information, beginning in consideration of road formations and now rail.

Our self-determined brief in regards rail formation investigations wasn't complicated, through research and discussions with industry players we selected 4 key goals.

  • Post investigation rail formation settlement and rail deformation is eliminated.
  • Post investigation rehabilitation of poor reinstatement is also eliminated.
  • Total time on site greatly reduced.
  • Easy access and exit from the rail formation and corridor.
Environmental impacts
  • Sampling through in-situ ballast without disturbance of the formation or rail bed.
  • Our Intact coring methodology acts as a pre-investigation approach to establish whether bulk soil extraction and replacement is necessary.
  • No heavy plant used that has the potential of impacting non-target environmental assets within and outside the rail corridor.
  • Greatly reduced quantities of replacement fill sourced from the environment are required.
  • Intact samples provide the highest levels of layer placement accuracy to great depths.
  • Eliminate technician discretion around layer changes, logging can be carried out at the soil laboratory.
  • Moisture remains intact and in profile to allow a more informed understanding of moisture and drainage impacts on the formation.
  • Reduced labor costs.
  • Reduced material costs.
  • Reduced WHS exposure and compliance costs.
  • Reduced ENV protection compliance costs.


Our innovation in this space was borne out of a need to identify and understand the problems and in response, develop engineering solutions in the safest, simplest and most cost-effective ways.

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