Improvement through Innovation


Improvement Through Innovation

At Grace Coring we believe that all aspects of a Council’s key business can and will improve through innovation. The area for consideration in our service proposal is primarily related to the knowledge of existing road assets and available data. Not so much in terms of what is known but what is unknown.

The assertion we make is that by providing councils with a greater knowledge of road network pavement details and reliable information on structural profile of the roads, we would greatly improve on existing assumptions and  replace them with the representative data. Existing historical data can be further examined and updated with more representative values. As a result, decision making would become better informed and scientifically supported.

The coring system that we've developed and adapted would take undisturbed samples at 1 m depth minimum and provide base layer thicknesses and basic material assessments, subgrade strength, as well as intact sample material for further geotechnical laboratory testing.